Westchester Networking for Professionals (WNFP) is a business networking association dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs develop, prosper and grow. Whether you’re a startup company, emerging business or individual looking for ways to network with like-minded professionals, gain additional exposure, expand your business or/and increase your company’s brand awareness and credibility; WNFP can offer affordable opportunities to help create a positive impact and advancement in your business interests and personal quality of life to take you to the next level.
Become a part of Westchester Networking for Professionals as we help you improve your professional development, connect with like-minded professionals to generate relationships, expose your business and build new business opportunities towards success with our network of business professionals.
Meet The Founder​​
As the Founder of Westchester Networking for Professionals I’ve always had a passion for bring people together. And I’ve also found that operating my business B&M Financial Management Services, meeting people and building relationships is essential to growing. So I decided to apply that passion to helping professionals, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs connect with others and build relationships through hosting local events.

I've been asked several times how did I get started with Westchester Networking for Professionals, well here's my story: I’ve always dreamed of starting my own business and becoming an entrepreneur. One day in 2015 the opportunity came and I ran with it. But as most of you can relate and agree with, when starting a business, you need to watch every dime spent. With little marketing dollars and knowing I had to get the word out about my business to get new clients; I came across a business networking event in White Plains, NY. Why not, I thought; I was so excited to attend, meet some like minded professionals, start making some connections and get the word our about my new business.

To my disappointed, when I arrived, not only was there no one there for the networking event, not even the organizer. I also felt that the place was not suitable for a business gathering. To make a long story short, I contacted the organizer, gave him my thoughts, his response was "why don't you do it!". And that’s how Westchester Networking for Professionals began.

Throughout the years we’ve helped 1,000s of professionals make effective relationships build business, and generate new business opportunities with each other.

I look forward to meeting you at future events!
Theresa Todman


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