Cancel Your WNFP Membership

We're sorry to see you go! As were informed in your membership agreement , membership with WNFP is on an annual basis, active members must submit a request to cancel their membership at least two (2) weeks prior to their anniversary date.

To submit your cancelation notice, click on the “Cancel my membership” link below.

But before you do, please note the following:
You must submit your cancellation notice two (2) weeks prior to your renewal date. (for example, if you enrolled on June 15, 2018 your anniversary date is June 14, 2019 ---- we must receive your notice 2 week prior your renewal date).

Although, your membership subscription is canceled, your profile will remain in our directory.

If you decide to renew your membership at a later date, just sign in your account, make payment and the processing fee will be waived.

To begin the cancellation process, click the “Cancel my membership” link below.

Please note that to cancel you must be current on your payments and you must have satisfied the minimum term specified on your Membership Agreement.
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