Our Membership Committee and Ambassador Club aimed at recruiting, supporting and retaining local business membershipsto help the organization achieve steady and healthy growth. The purpose is to encourage members to participate in all available VIP Member benefits, programs, services and policies relevant to improving the development and growth of their business. 
Westchester Networking for Professionals hosts an array of events throughout the calendar year, our Signature events offer a unique approach to every event, (i.e., golf outing, award ceremony, networking for a cause or networking cruise) these events support and benefit the mission of partner organizations.

Our Signature Events Committee will assist with organizing, planning, coordinating and managing these events and share ideas and recommendations for new activities, fundraisers and events for the annual calendar.
Westchester Networking for Professionals produces newsletters, articles and press releases which feature information about our organization, members and local businesses.  Such as news, member updates, upcoming events, informative articles and recognition of the support from local businesses.

Our distribution outlets consist of emails, social media, WNFP.org, online press release services and live events with a total reach of approx. 15,000 people.

The Publications Committee will assist the organization in developing a magazine to inform our community of industry trends, tip and announcement relating to business development and growth.
Your participation as a committee member entitles you to the following benefits:
  • *50% off VIP Membership enrollment; existing member receive 50% off VIP membership renewal.
  • A member listing in our Committee Directory on WNFP.org website acknowledging participation.
  • Multiple opportunities to interact with others within the organization and meet new people.
  • Open opportunities for learning new skills from other member.
  • Appear to others as a leader in your industry by investing in your future and giving back to the community.
  • Increase your leadership skills and experience.
  • Share your strategic ideas and put them into action.
  • Announcement of your participation at mentionable events.
  • Helping to advance the mission of Westchester Networking for Professionals.
  • Having FUN!
*For a limited time while WNFP is in the process of building a team of committee members, new and renewal members interested in participating in a committee(s) will receive 50% off enrollment rates.




To enroll as a VIP Member and join a committee, please use the PayPal form below.  By completing the enrollment information below you agree to become an active member of a WNFP committee.  If you do not participate, your membership privileges will be terminated or if you decide that you no longer want to remain as a Committee Member and your annual membership expiration date is within 6 months, you may remain as an active VIP member for the rest of your term with the option to renew your VIP membership as a standard member.

Once payment is received, committee members will receive a packet describing the terms and agreement of your participation.

Please use the form below to enroll as a committee member (includes $25.00 processing fee)