Committee Handbooks

Dear Member,

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Westchester Networking for Professionals committee member. This position vitally an important role in the efforts towards advancing the mission of WNFP for our community.   
The success of our organization is greatly dependent on the members who participate on our Committees, to maintain our current success and future achievements.

The guides below include information regarding the duties and responsibilities of your involvement of each committee.  

Please review the guide in its entirety and contact me with any suggestions or comments, contact us.

After reading through the guide(s), if you feel that you could commit to serving as a committee member, submit an application.

Already a committee member! We look forward to your active participation, be sure to reserve your seat at the table to our upcoming committee meeting. Check the events calendar for dates and times. 

Again, thank you for your support, you are the key to our success!

Theresa Todman
Theresa Todman
Westchester Networking for Professionals

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